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Small Steps To A Sustainable Lifestyle

As we ring in 2022, I can’t help but look back at what led me to begin this journey of creating natural, simple, and sustainable bath and body products 4 years ago. I had finally arrived at a point where I decided to be intentional in taking steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle. That included minimizing toxic chemicals in my home, as well as reducing plastic waste and clutter in my life. I wanted a healthier, cleaner, and greener lifestyle for myself and my family.

One of the first steps I took was removing the toxic chemicals in the products my family and I used daily on our bodies. When my teenage daughter at the time began developing eczema for no apparent reason, I knew it was time to do something about it. What better way to be sure that the soap and lotion we were using was safe and natural, than by making it myself! There were so many toxic and harsh chemicals hidden in the bottles in our shower, it was a real wake up call. So that’s how I began, researching and learning about natural ingredients that would not only nourish our skin but heal and restore, instead of irritating and drying it out.

I am amazed at how an intention that I followed through on 4 years ago, has now grown to be Sweet Hope Soap Co. I am grateful to start a new year and continue to do what I love with passion, purpose, and hope, so that you too can make better choices for yourself and your family.

Here are some small steps you can take this new year towards a more natural and sustainable lifestyle:

  1. Switch to Handmade Bar Soap (shop our soap here)

  • Cold process soap is made with only natural oils and butters. This means it will deliver nourishment and moisture while providing a gentle and thorough cleanse, minus the toxic chemicals.

  • It’s more eco-friendly! Yay for removing unnecessary plastic bottles from your showers and sinks around the house, plus it won’t harm the environment.

2. Switch to Solid Shampoo & Conditioner (shop our hair care here)

  • A concentrated solid shampoo bar will outlast 2-3 shampoo bottles (which are diluted with water)

  • Zero waste!

  • Gentle for your hair, keeping it nourished and healthy.

3. Switch plastic skin care packaging for glass. (shop our body care)

  • Our lotions, body creams, bath butters, and skin care are all packaged in recyclable or reusable glass containers.

4. Think positively and sustainably.

  • For every goal you’ve set, rethink how you can positively reframe it into a meaningful intention. While a resolution is rooted in a decision to do or not do something, an intention creates a mental commitment towards a specific action.

  • The most sustainable intentions are those that can grow and evolve with you. Look at the next 3 months, set an intention, and allow for it to be revisited and revised as you grow.

At Sweet Hope Soap Co., we believe in HOPE. Everyday is an opportunity for a fresh start. Every small choice you make for sustainability equals hope for you and for the earth. I hope these small steps will positively propel you into the New Year with hope of all the wonderful things you are capable of achieving.

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Kenya C
Kenya C
Jan 02, 2022

Thank you for your love and dedication to your craft! I feel confident that every single SHSco product is made well and with the best raw materials. We Love SweetHope!


Jan 01, 2022

thankful for the choice and commitment you made because now Im offering the same for my family and enjoying your amazing products.

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