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New Loyalty Rewards Program!

Welcome to the Sweeties Club

Since opening our brick and mortar store last year, creating some sort of loyalty rewards program has been on my mind. It had been 5 years of existing online and at local pop up markets, before we got the opportunity to open the store, and during that time, our business persevered and grew strong, thanks to our loyal customer base. Creating a rewards program gives us a way to show you just how much we appreciate the support you have shown Sweet Hope Soap Co. throughout the years.

I often get asked if I offer regular sales and discounts, and the truth is very few throughout the year. In the past we were operating completely out of our home, but since moving into our brick and mortar location, we have had to increase overhead costs as part of our new business model. This means our prices have to stay consistent for us to stay in business. Because of your understanding and support through these changes, we are still here and coming up on celebrating our store front's very first year!

This brings us to the introduction of our newly created "SWEETIES CLUB", our first ever loyalty rewards program. By joining the club, your loyalty will be rewarded! You will earn one point for every dollar spent in store or online. Accumulate points and redeem them for cash discounts and other special offers throughout the year. This is our way of saying, "Thank you for your continued support".

Join today and earn 35 points, which can be redeemed immediately for a cash discount. Use it online or in store and you will be well on your way to accumulate the next one! I hope this will be an enjoyable perk that our Sweeties Club members will have fun using.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us through email or send us a DM on our most active social media platform, Instagram @sweethopesoapco.

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