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The Wild West Heritage Collection is a tribute to the rugged charm and rich history of Livermore, California. Crafted with care and reverence for the Western heritage that defines our beloved town, each product in this collection embodies the spirit of the Wild West.


At the heart of this collection lies our signature ingredient: tallow sourced from local, grass-fed Criollo cattle grazing the sun-drenched hills of Birdhouse Ranch. This premium ingredient not only reflects our commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing but also captures the essence of our region's agricultural legacy.

From luxurious soaps, to nourishing body butters enriched with the essence of the open range, every item in the Wild West Heritage Collection invites you on a journey through the untamed beauty of Livermore's landscape.

Indulge in the essence of the Wild West as you pamper yourself with products that pay homage to our storied past and celebrate the timeless allure of the Western frontier. Experience the legacy, embrace the heritage, and let the spirit of Livermore infuse every moment of your self-care routine with the Wild West Heritage Collection.

The Goods

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