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Rodeo Rebel Cologne

Introducing Rodeo Rebel, the quintessential men’s cologne from our Wild West Heritage Collection. This sophisticated fragrance embodies the bold, adventurous spirit of the Western frontier, designed for the modern man who appreciates both rugged charm and refined elegance.


Rodeo is a masterful blend of invigorating citrus, refined florals, and robust woodsy notes, creating a dynamic and multifaceted scent. It opens with the refreshing notes of citrus and bergamot, transitions to a heart of elegant lavender, jasmine, and amber wood, and settles into a base of deep cedarwood and exotic musk. This cologne captures the essence of the untamed West, evoking images of open plains, rugged terrain, and timeless masculine elegance.


Embrace the spirit of the West with Rodeo Rebel, and let its distinctive scent become a part of your everyday adventure.


Crafted with 100% organic grape alcohol, offering a pure and natural base that enhances the richness of the fragrance. Our commitment to quality ensures that this cologne is also phthalate-free, providing a safe and enjoyable experience for the wearer.

Rodeo Rebel Cologne


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