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Self Care: Learning to Embrace It

I don't know about you but it's taken me sometime to embrace the concept of self care and actually practice it. The word itself seems to invoke a feeling of selfishness and being selfish is not ok... or is it?

But self care is not selfish! If we as humans, do not take the time to introspect, analyze and evaluate our state of mind, physical health and emotional & spiritual health, we may find ourselves in an unbalanced, unhappy and unhealthy state. So let's get rid of feelings of guilt and let's be mindful that attending to our needs will benefit not just us, but those around us, whom we love the most.

As I have learned to embrace self care as an important part of my lifestyle, I've also realized that I have to be intentional about it. It won't just happen, you must make time for it! I promise you will be happier and less stressed. I can honestly say, that Sweet Hope Soap Co. was born from my personal journey of self care as well as a desire to live a more sustainable and toxic free lifestyle. I am so glad I began this journey and feel blessed to be able to share it here with you.

What I aim to do through Sweet Hope Soap Co. is inspire people, especially women, to embrace self care and take small steps towards caring for our environment. It seems like a BIG goal, and it might be, but I know that every small change we make to our daily routines, the products we buy and support, make a huge difference when we do them together!

One of the things I really enjoy as part of my self care routine is applying a clay mask, at least once a week. It's such a simple task, and it leaves my skin feeling clean, smooth, toned and balanced. Who knew, such simple, natural ingredients could make such a huge difference in the feel and texture of my skin?

The green sea clay dry mask is an amazing product I am proud to offer here at Sweet Hope Soap Co.

Change it up and do a Rose Hibiscus clay mask! Your skin will love it!

Thanks for hanging out and reading my first blog post! In future posts, we will explore more ways we can begin taking better care of ourselves and our planet, learn about about our soaps and body products, the ingredients we use and the process of making them. As always, comments and questions are most welcome!

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